The secret interview

This blog will be an imaginary conversation with the main character in my Sanctuary series. It is a way for me to learn about these characters and hopefully for you too.

LUnabel for pub

I’m here with Lunabel O’Hara, who has agreed to give us a short interview. Lunabel, you are a girl with a secret and a mission. Can be say your mission is secret too, Lunabel?

“What makes you think that? What you see is what you get. I’m an open book.”

I happen to know that you excel in keeping one secret. Tell us what event first took you in that direction. What made you decide to go undercover. (She is looking at me, deciding whether to respond or not).

“Your not real, right? So anything I tell you will be just between us? Am I crazy talking to a figment of my imagination?”

Well, I can’t promise that. But I can guarantee that your secret is safe with me and if someone reveals it in your world it won’t be me.

“I’m going to trust you, I have to trust someone. And since you don’t really exist I can talk to you. The first time I decided it wasn’t safe to be myself was at a very early age. I was three, as a matter of fact. I was in the living room of my parents house with my older sister Myra.”

Myra, your mother’s ‘little me’? She grins and a wicked twinkle in her eye changes her whole demeanor. She chuckles. It is a tripping sound like  a fox hopping  over snow, or petals falling in the breeze of autumn.

“Yeah, Myra used to be a pain. Well what happened is … I was humming and the floor started buzzing. My grandma’s brass plates started to rattle a bit. Myra freaked. She yelled for Mom. Mom ran into the room. I was transfixed by the motes in the air and how I could make them dance when I sang. So I hummed, laughed and hummed some more. Then I must have been particularly impressed by a shaft of light and all the motes to make merry with because I shrieked and blew out every window in the living room.

Long story short, Mom called me freak, Dad rescued me again and I learned that if I were going to make more love me, or at least be in the same room with me I better practice sound on my own time.

I have echoic hearing, which means I remember everything I hear forever and my voice has a range that goes higher and lower than the record holder in the Guinness book of records.

So, yeah, I have a secret. Secret is the only way I can get by and I don’t intend to give it up unless I have no choice. Mom is happier not knowing that I never outgrew my little peculiarity, and I’m in no hurry to relay the information to her.

Things would have gone along as usual if it hadn’t been for the storm and the disappearance of the faery . . .

Well we’ve run out of time, Lunabel thank you for stopping by. I promise I won’t share a word with your mother or anyone in your hometown. Thornhill is almost impossible to find and I know that makes the other secrets your keeping even more secure.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Even the people in my head won’t leave me alone . . .



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