I’m Having Fun, Yet…

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I have been having fun. I’m in an especially productive place in the past month. Perhaps it is more accurate to say I’ve been very, very busy, you might even compare me to an insomniac on speed. Except I’m not on speed. I have an official diagnosis about the sleep issues, though it’s taken forty years for the official word to come down, but then apnea is much more au courant, so maybe insomnia is out of style.

But the side effect of missing hours of sleep is a bounding energy to create, to make, to play and to find sanctuary. There are times of mind numbing fatigue and as soon as I can’t keep my eyes open I stagger to whatever horizontal surface I can find, if I can, in the meantime I make stuff. Creating distracts me from the dizzying bounce of ideas.

So, at least I’ve fed my inner child if I haven’t racked up any z-time. I’m slogging away on the last first draft in the first four titles in the Sanctuary series. Sadly, I haven’t spent all of that extra time slogging at the keyboard but one of the reasons it takes me so long to finish a novel is that, like my brain, the books tend to spread across many platforms, interests and genres—takes a lot of cat herding to get the ideas to line up. Herding cats or holding a goat rodeo, it’s all the same when I try to tell the story. In the end the long way seems to work. I hope. And yes, I do work with an outline, character bibles, series bible, and then lots and lots of spontaneous serendipity.

So, I’ve got four paintings that I’m working on and several more ready to go; I’m finishing the insulated shades for Jessi’s work station so she can keep writing in the afternoon when the sun cracks off the bay tending to blind one and heating the room to the roasting point. We do most of our work together at that time, as I work otherwhere in the mornings, and she tends to try and sleep at night. Sometimes I meet her haunting the house at the wee hours and we sit and have a little tea and coffee, off duty but usually discussing books, what we’re reading or what we’re writing.

Hannah’s Garden the project I started last year, the one that rapidly pulled in the rest of the family (some more enthusiastically than others) is coming along, though I need to work my pick ax a bit more. I’m installing a DIY watering system using plastic liter bottles rather than sprinklers. I found it on Pinterest and before you laugh I can tell you that it is recommended by the Iowa University Department of Agriculture.  I finished the first course in my Professional Editing Sequence and I’m eagerly (kind of) waiting to see my final grade. I’ve agreed to manage a book project from beginning to end for an outside writer (outside Mess Of Geckos) and I’m pushing my Pinterest followers toward the 1000 mark, for purposes of promotions only. Ah-hem.

I’ll take pictures of the painting, they’ll be done in the next few nights, unless morpheus decides to drop by. Until tomorrow, I’m Sleepless in San Francisco… If you’re sleepless let me know I have a few manuscripts that need a first read. I shouldn’t be the only  one having fun.


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