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Pulse Wave Background Original Vector Illustration
Pulse Wave Background
Original Vector Illustration

What do you hear?

Sonar (stands for SOund Navigation And Ranging) is a technique that uses sound propagation usually underwater. Submarines for navigation, to communicate with, or to locate other vessels. The force of some sonar systems, depending on the decibels produced, and the distance they  travel, can impact marine life. Low frequency sonar can travel hundreds of miles through water, at significant intensities.

Consider other effects of sound:

  • Sound causes damage to rocket engines; the reason for the flood of water under the space shuttle is to absorb the sound vibration from liftoff.
  • Sound has been considered as a source of cold fusion in heavy water.
  • Sound is used to atomize fuel in burners.
  • Sound is used to break up gallstones.
  • Sound is used for geological surveys and sonar.
  • Sound recordings have been used as a weapon to confuse the enemy soldiers in battle,  and as a means of torture.

There are Sonic and ultrasonic weapons. The acronym for these weapons is USW. These devices use sound to injure, paralyze, or kill an enemy.

Electromagnetic waves, like those used in radio waves, microwaves, infra-red light, and all  visible light, and including invisible ultra-violet light, as well as x-rays, and gamma rays, appear to be very different. In fact, they’re all made of vibrations, but move at different frequencies.

Researchers have found that low frequency sonar exposure could result in hypothermia, and tissue shearing. Damage increases rapidly as intensity is increased.

Noise can be used to cause neurologic breakdown in humans when they are exposed to continuous low frequency tones for periods longer than fifteen minutes. They have resulted in immediate and long-term problems. The symptoms resemble those of individuals who have suffered minor head injuries. One theory is that the prolonged sound exposure results in enough strain to brain tissue to induce an swelling of the brain tissue.

Some sonic weapons are currently in limited use by the military and selected police forces.

Weapons such as sonic bullets, sonic grenades, sonic mines, or sonic cannons have been tested as focused beams of sound or ultrasound; some create a field of sound. Many real sonic and ultrasonic weapons are described as non-fatal,though they can still kill under certain conditions.

Some researchers have observed Dolphins emitting boom and clicks that stun or kill their prey.

Two types of technology are referred to as “sonar”: passive sonar listens for the sounds made by ships; active sonar is used for signals of  pulses of sounds and listens for echoes.

The use of sound to echo locate underwater is the same system that bats use for aerial navigation.

An English meteorologist named Lewis Richardson filed the world’s first patent for an underwater echo ranging device. The mechanism was filed at the British Patent Office  a month after the sinking of the Titanic.


Strombolian eruption at volcano Stromboli in Italy
Strombolian eruption at volcano Stromboli in Italy. A small eruption compared to the sonic destruction released by Krakatoa.

When the volcanic island of Krakatoa near Indonesia erupted in 1883, it was one of the worst geologic disasters of modern times.

It was the loudest sound ever made since mankind started noting such things.

It is reported that the police chief on Rodriguez Island heard it clearly, ‘like a cannonade of naval gunfire’. At the time he was 4,776 km away.

It was like people in London hearing, with perfect clarity, an explosion in Baltimore, or Khartoum.

Bell used during buddhist prayers
Bell used during buddhist prayers. Certain sounds, even at low decibels are able to influence our well being.

I make extensive use of the powers of sound in The Fae Wars – Grace Notes.

When Lunabel is entangled with Pirouette and ‘gifted’ with absolute pitch and perfect echoic recall she was also given a form of protection from the effects of sonic impact to her physiology.

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